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Australian Democrats
Liberal Party
Australian Greens
National Party
Australian Labor Party
One Nation Party
Christian Democratic Party
Progressive Labour Party
Communist Party of Australia
Socialist Party
Australia's Socialist Alliance
Electoral coalition of several Australian socialist groups.
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Based on achieving peace through economic development for all regions of the world.
Democratic Labor Party (DLP)
A moderate progressive political party, without extremes of left or right, standing to defend life, the family and the national interest and to promote a decentralised society
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Policies, information and contact details on the Liberal Democratic Party. The LDP is a libertarian style party promoting individual liberty, free markets and small government.
Nuclear Disarmament Party
A party against mining and export of uranium or the use or storage of nuclear weapons.
People Power
Policies and information on the People Power, a party directed to consumers, taxpayers and shareholders.
Registered parties - Federal
List of parties registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, and thus able to run as a party in a Federal election.
Socialist Equality Party (Australia)
Information on the Australian section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.
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