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Tips for Business Travelers in Australia

Monday, May 14th, 2012

If traveling to Australia on business, you’ll find a fairly informal working culture in which there are few strict rules of etiquette. However, it will help to be aware of the following:

You should make advance appointments for meetings and turn up on time; punctuality is valued and expected of visitors, although the hosts may be more relaxed about their own timekeeping.

Business attire for meetings is quite conservative, although this varies. In general, a dark suit and tie are the norm for men, and suits or skirts and blouses for women. Clothing is more casual in the summer and in tropical parts of the country.

It is customary to shake hands on meeting business contacts, and to exchange business cards. Meetings are fairly informal, and first names are used following the initial introductions. A little initial small talk is common, but avoid controversial topics like immigration and aboriginal rights.

Australians are not impressed with status or self-importance, so you shouldn’t flaunt or brag about your own or your company’s achievements. Direct communication styles are respected, and presentations should be straightforward and honest. Aggressive negotiating or selling techniques should not be used.

Australians enjoy lively debate and discussions, so don’t be afraid to express your opinions. Good natured humor and teasing is commonly used in meetings and presentations. It is common for people at different levels of the organisation to be consulted before business decisions are made, which may delay the process.

Australia Honeymoons

Friday, May 11th, 2012

There are a lot of picks for Australian honeymoons. Why not go on board for a cruise with your significant half and take pleasure in all the itineraries aboard? Affordable Australia cruises are available all throughout the year. Ports of call will depend on your Australia travel, but, may comprise of stops in popular cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane or Cairns, Sydney, or even New Zealand. A combination of an Australian cruise with extensive sightseeing on land is being offered by some cruise lines for Australia honeymoons.

Queensland for Australian honeymoons, why not trek to the sunshine state of Australia? Where else, but, Queensland? With 13 regions to visit and discover, you’re sure to find something unique and distinct in this captivating destination.

The Great Barrier Reef is a good choice for those who want a little adventure with your Australia honeymoon destinations with the world’s largest coral reef? This reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. With the abundance of marine life and reef systems, you and your loved one will gasp in awe at this marvel of the world.

If you opt to be a little more historic with Australia’s oldest and one of its famous wine regions, visit the Hunter Valley. Feed your culinary taste buds with a delectable selection of over 60 restaurants, 120 wineries, plus a whole range of accommodation venues and diverse activities that are yours for the taking as part of the Australian honeymoons.

Would you want to view a landscape of distinctive beauty and biodiversity? Why not take an adventure to Kakadu National Park, home to mammals, reptiles, insects, and plants alike? Be sure to take shots of wildlife to captivate shared memories that will last a lifetime. All geared up with ideas for Australian honeymoons? The destinations and itineraries would make the trip entirely romantic and incomparable since it will be well spent with that significant other who makes life a whole lot more meaningful.