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Real Estate In Australia

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Australia is a country of so many extremes, being the sixth largest country in the world (50% larger than Europe) but having the lowest population density in the world, some 2 people per square kilometre. The country has historically strong links to Britain, with the Queen still the official monarchy of the country, although the history of Australia is very colourful. Initially populated by the aborigines, the country was used as a place to ship prisoners many years ago. Slowly but surely the aborigine influence in the country was reduced, and western style values introduced.

As the business base of Australia has moved away from the dominance of natural resources, the economy has become much more balanced. Still growing and adjusting to the changes, the economy has been one of the better performing worldwide, since 1990. Relatively stronger than most of their European counterparts in the worldwide down turn in early 2000, the economy has thrown up a number of interesting opportunities for foreign capital.

Due to the sheer size of the country, and the extreme difference in population per kilometre, the market for property in Australia is very diverse. Historically it is the main inland cities of Melbourne and Sydney which have pushed the Australian property market ahead, although the coastal areas with strong popular tourist attractions also performing well. Quality Australian property will always hold an attraction to the foreign investor as the infrastructure in many parts of the country is weak, and sometimes nearly non-existent.

While the vast majority of Australians own their own homes, there is a strong rental market which now represents 29% of all dwellings in the country. There are very many similarities with the UK and Australian economies and style of government, although the fundamental difference is that Australia will never run out of land to develop, although the quality of local services may well diminish the further away you move from the main cities and coastal towns.

The Australian property market has been relatively strong for some time, but due to the high concentration of attractive properties in a limited number of areas, the market can show large short term fluctuations. These tend to flatten out as the slow but sure expansion of the larger cities continues, and investors also look for cheaper alternative areas in the less populated parts of the country. To spot Australia’s next growth city could throw up a very lucrative investment.

Historically the Australian economy has seen a number of volatile phases, although over recent years there are signs of a more gradual increase which looks set to continue. The forecast is underpinned by a stable interest rate outlook, proactive government policies to resist the threat of over heating, a thriving employment sector and stable inflation. These all add up to a great scenario for long term property value appreciation, although there will always be “hot spots” in the country, due to the vast difference in population density.

Finding Real Estate Agent in Australia

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Australia has a prominent reputation of Real Estate Agents with professional result yet reliable in terms of trust. Among other Real Estate Agents from all over the world, Australian Real Estate Agents too have a knowledge and experience on the business and establish a good relationship with their clients whether to buy or to sell.

A well-known Real estates organization is the L.J. Hooker Real Estate Agents. With a good reputation built since 1928 by the founder Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker, he has created an agency based on trust and is widely renowned. Nowadays, L.J. Hooker is services all over Australia and continues to provide clients the business in good hands in terms of investment and multiplying the commerce.

If you are interested in residing the state of Western Australia, then Ockerby Real Estate in Perth can be a good choice. With over 40 years of status, they maintain a broad Real Estate service with the support of direct property expertise. With agents that are excellent in their work such as Bev Ockerby shows a high quality professional yet personal service. And Phillip Smith who is an expert to his career yet still demonstrates a friendly and courteous attitude.

While Laing+Simmons in New South Wales, is one of the top real estate or commercial agents in business today. Started in 1967 by Doug Laing and Spencer Simmons, they hold residential agencies as well as commercial offices in the Sydney CBD or the main regional districts. Laing+Simmons guarantees excellent result as they provide unequaled local information and experience.

Known as Alpine Agents, the John Bailey Real Estate focuses their business on the wondrous Victorian Alpine Area. Earning the respect and trust of most clients, they have built a reputation that attracts many costumers. Winter activities like Skiing and Snowboarding, etc. have been an attraction in the Victorian Alps on which people are drawn to reside there. Summer activities are also available including biking, hiking, and bushwalking. With 24 years of business, they have been a good help and guide on living in the Alps.

If your interest is on Furnished Apartments or from another place that wants extended stay accommodation, Corporate Housing is a good choice. They cover all the major capital cities of Australia. By going to this agency you can save more expense by at least forty percent contrast to hotels and apartments. Corporate Housing offers a personal service to clients and responds immediately to their needs and requirements in searching of a location. And don’t forget the 24/7 assistance when you are relocated.