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Online Shopping Boom in Australia

June 28th, 2012 11:29 am

Online Shopping

As everyone knows, the Internet is a great place to find bargains and great deals on any product you can name. Want heated socks? You’ll find them online. Discount books? No problem. Any and everything can now be purchased online, and most Internet shoppers know that buying online is usually much cheaper than visiting a physical store. Online shopping has become very secure, and there’s no reason to be afraid to buy online. With many differed verified and secured systems, it’s okay to use your credit card for your Internet purchases. Online shopping is quick, easy, and cheap, and everyone is getting involved. Even people who never buy anything online are realizing that sometimes there is no choice. Even event tickets to concert and sporting events can be found online – often after those venues have already sold completely out of tickets. If you can get tickets to the big game online and no where else, why not use the Internet to your best advantage?

A World Connected

The Internet has brought the entire world together. From the safety and relative comfort of your own home, you can browse online encyclopedias, libraries, visit museums and zoos around the world. You can shop in Paris, read about art in Egypt, and research anything that you desire – if you know how to use the Internet. A man living in Idaho can chat with a woman living in Beijing. People from all walks of life can get together in a virtual room and play games, have heated discussions or even date. The Internet has connected the entire world, and we are the ones who benefit. We can learn about anything, buy anything, talk to almost anyone, and all we need is Internet access.

How Are Things Down Under, Mate?

Australia has taken part in the online shopping boom in a big way. Australian-based and Australian-themed web sites filled with every product imaginable will pop up in any Internet search. Many of these sites, while easy to navigate and attractively laid out, have so much stuff on them that it can get confusing. Australian-based online shopping sites have become increasingly popular recently. Is it possible that Aussies like to shop online as much as the rest of us do?

It’s true that most of the time; you don’t know that you’re visiting a site from another country unless there’s another language (that you can’t read) on the site. It’s easy to tell “oh, this site is Japanese” or “this site much be German” because the language is strange and unfamiliar. But sites based in English-speaking countries, like Canada, England, and Australia are harder to discern from the pack. If everything’s printed in English, how do you know if that site comes from California or the Australian Outback? Most Australian online shopping sites don’t have helpful pictures of kangaroos and wallabes to tell you “hey, we’re from Down Under!” So chances are that you’ve already been exposed to an Australian online shopping site and you didn’t even know it! Australian online shopping sites are all over the place. They pop up in searches and they’re being linked to all over the place. Unless something blatantly tells you “this is Australian,” chances are that you won’t even know the difference.

Culture Of Australia

June 15th, 2012 8:05 am

The oldest surviving culture of Australia can be traced back to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, whose ancestors have lived in Australia between 40,000 and 60,000 years until the arrival of Europeans.

Today, with just 2.3 per cent of Indigenous population, the rest of Australia’s population is highly mixed with the migrants who arrived in the country from different places resulting in a great diversity of cultural practices and pursuits.

Nowadays, Australia adopts Anglo-Celtic culture with a pluralistic society rooted in liberal democratic traditions. The multi-ethnic migration plays a great role in influencing all aspects of Australian life, including business, the arts, cooking, sense of humour and sporting tastes. Film, music, painting, theatre, dance and crafts form an integral part of Australian culture and each capital city boasts of high cultural institutions in the form of major art galleries, ballet troupes, theaters, symphony orchestras, opera houses and dance companies.

Along with Opera Australia based in Sydney, the Australian Ballet, Melbourne and Sydney symphony orchestras are some of the well regarded cultural institutions. Institutions like Sydney Theatre Company and National Institute of Dramatic Art train students of theatre, film, and television and have produced a list of famous alumni including, Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Baz Luhrmann.

Aboriginal culture also contribute to the music culture of Australia which can be seen from their distinctive musical instrument producing a droning sound and now used by a wide variety of non-Aboriginal performers. Nowadays, Aboriginal musicians have adopted western style singing in English and in the language of the Yolngu. Some of the well-known contemporary musicians include Archie Roach, the Warumpi Band, NoKTuRNL and Yothu Yindi.

Australia is also known for fashion industry with well known designers and models. The country’saustralia culture 1 best-known fashion event is Australian Fashion Week which is held twice in a year, showcasing the latest seasonal collections from Australian and Asia Pacific designers. Some of the top Australian models include Elle McPherson, Lara Bingle and Jennifer Hawkins.