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Why Everyone is Headed to Australia This Holiday Season
Yes, it can be a pretty hot vacation in Australia, but not to worry, it's not hot enough to melt your sandal soles and adventurous souls. The climate is actually just fine there. And mind you, Australia has real seasons that let you observe nature as it costume-changes, as if you were in the front row and nature, on a grand stage. Get out into the sun for a change, and step into the light. There's certainly more to the Great Outdoors than what you see on TV This holiday season more so, the weather Down Under is a lovely piece of summer-- which brings us to to why it's just great to travel Australia.

But really, why travel Australia? What is it about the Land Down Under that makes it so charming during the holidays? Here's why:

1. Inverted summer

December is the month of summer in Australia, right about the time when the frosty unforgiving winter sets in that other half of the planet called the Northern Hemisphere. No wonder Americans retreat to Australia for another, friendlier taste of winter.
So, given the right SPF of sunscreen and a pair of cool shades, you're set to travel Australia and enjoy a warm holiday like no other.

2. It's a lovely hodpodge of people here!

Says a little girl why she loves the Land Down Under: "I like (love!) Australia because it's made up of people from all over the world so it's very diverse and interesting."

Indeed, everyone's practically welcome to travel Australia. With a brisk and unprecedented migration program, Australia is luring travelers and professional and skilled workers who'd like to settle and have a good life here. After all, in Australia, you travel, then work, then play harder.

And just who is in the playing field with you? People from all walks in life. Vietnamese, British, Filipinos. Lebanese, Chinese, Italians, Greeks, Germans, Indians, and a whole lot more are in attendance. This lively gathering of people is transforming Australia into the loveliest melting pot in the planet. A clash of culture, an awesome cuisine, a rich symphony of languages and dialects, and all things wonderful Finally, it's always a holiday in Australia Precisely because of the many cultures who travel Australia why the festivals are endless here. Even when it's not the holidays, trust Australia's calendar to always be busy and bustling with festivals and parties the immigrants have brought along with them.

So there. Be merry, take a swig of your beer as you and your mates sing Auld Lang Syne. Indeed to travel Australia is to lose track of time and have the best holiday vacation you could possibly have.

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