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Short Term Loans in Australia - Fast Cash in 24 hours
Tea Tree oil is gaining more mainstream popularity. Long used in the aromatherapy industry, its health benefits are being touted by many companies who include it in their products.

What is tea tree oil? Its Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia and it comes from a tree. Melaleuca trees are native to Australia although they are now also propagated in California. The common name 'tea tree' was given when British explorers used the leaves to brew tea. It's antiseptic use has been in existence for hundreds of years, but has only recently been scientifically studied (starting in 1929).

Short term loans help people ease their temporary cash problems due to rising expenses and not enough resources to meet the needs. Short term loans usually come as a form of payday loan in that you can get instant cash with the repayment period between two and three weeks. Many payday lenders in Australia provide their service online that allows you to apply for the loan 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

People who go for these loans are usually in an emergency need for cash, with no other credit options available to them. Online payday loan is preferred by most, as it does not need credit checks, and by filling a simple form the loan can be delivered within few hours.

Online Payday Loan Requirements

Online payday loan is popular with those who need emergency funds to tide over temporary cash problems as a result of the few requirements these lenders need to grant the loan. Some necessary payday loan requirements are listed below:

- You must be Australian citizen or permanent resident.
- You must be 18 year-old or older.
- Should have an active checking or savings account.
- Have a regular permanent job and provide your employer's name, address and contact numbers.
- A copy of the pay stub or other verification of income, copies of your driving license, bank statements etc. needs to be produced.

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